In general, Bonita deployments take less time than those of more complicated iBPMS products.

A captivating programme begins with appealing, adaptable user interfaces that function on every device. As it goes on, contacts with staff members and corporate information systems run smoothly and are completely integrated into the workflow on the backend.

The Bonita digital process application platform supports iterative, quick, and agile development. It uses “best of breed” systems like Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, and Amazon AWS to provide tools and frameworks for continuous integration, multiple environment setup, unit testing, and provisioning. It has never been simpler to enhance processes.

Using the latest DevOps processes and technologies, Bonita enables cooperation between expert and amateur developers to quickly deploy automation projects and apps.

To establish the basic business logic, use the model-driven Bonita Studio’s drag-and-drop visual process design feature. Utilize the wysiwyg Bonita UI Designer to build responsive user interfaces, and connectors and REST APIs to interact with your corporate IT stack. Utilize open-source Bonita, an extensible and embeddable platform, to coordinate interactions between people, machines, and robots.