Oil field Customer

Business Objective: A significant oilfield company was looking to broaden the scope of the digital solutions it provided to its clients worldwide as a substitute for improving their day-to-day workforce management and enabling low code automation as well as streamlining the process knowledgebase to learn and adapt new things.

How we helped: A client-facing web application was created while the product backlog was being revised to account for the later development and delivery of the MVP.

Workshops to create product strategy, user personas, use cases, and core features were conducted. based on a prioritized list of use cases and features, establishes a specified information architecture and inventory of distinctive perspectives.

Analyzed the present technology stack to ensure a highly adaptable and scalable product, paying particular attention to the integration of Appian and SAP for real-time reporting.

Profitability: A sharp reduction in manual work. Processes that were repetitive and laborious before have been made simpler.

Enhanced end-user experience with records and reports that make it easier to get data, increased productivity and a discernible decrease in human errors.